New trends in lighting design 2022

The colors are no longer limited to the classic colors such as black, white and gray, and there have been great changes in the use of colors. The colors are strong, more and more diverse, and eclectic.

Starting from touch, hearing and vision, through the combination of some unremarkable life elements and modern fashion, create an atmosphere that breaks through the inherent common sense.

In the post-epidemic era, the design is becoming more and more natural and civilian, removing the industrial nature, becoming more ecological and light, and the relationship between man and nature is more intimate, reflecting more care and warmth in the relationship between family and home.

The natural design form of rattan is a major feature of this year. It reduces the impact force and becomes softer and softer.

It may be that after the lockdown, people’s hearts yearn for a feeling of being cared for and warm.

Whether it is product design or interior design, it is not only about expressing material or form, but more about expressing emotion.